Tuesday, February 12, 2013

And This was our front Lounge room?

The model railway club wanted to get rid of the end of their 0 gauge exhibition lay-out to make room for a new section.......so we now have it in what used to be our front lounge room. It won't stay there though because that is where the 00 layout is going to live. Now Eddie has to design some sort of built in area under the back patio to keep the weather out before we can install this lay-out (albeit changed from the end of the clubs lay-out to a north-eastern Yorkshire sea-side terminus lay-out. This is my pay-back for having a sewing studio built in the back garden a few years ago........

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Eddie wins First Prize

Eddie entered a competition to build a kit building which he received from the W.A. branch of AMRA. He put a lot of time and effort in building his pair of semi-detached houses, garages, yards and gardens complete with a vegie patch but never in a million years thought that he would win a prize. When we visited the club-rooms to view all the buildings on display, his had won the "00" gauge prize because he had thought to add rolled paper guttering and downpipes to the houses. The kit was good but did not include guttering or downpipes so he made them and painted them black and they really did look great. Congratulations Eddie, you did a super job and the prize was well deserved.

Here are the houes from the front, back and above, looking down on the back yards. These will no doubt go onto his 00 gauge layout once it is finished. Other people have a front lounge room - we have a front model railway layout room!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Background Scenery Ideas

These backdrops were removed from the O Gauge layout which Eddie bought from the WA Model Railway Club. So that I have some ideas for painting new backboards for the lay-out once it is installed in Ed's railway modelling room, I took these photos to give me some inspiration.

Introduction to Ed's Blog

I made this blog for Eddie so that we can record anything interesting that would apply to his model Railway Lay-out like background scenery, methods for building baseboards, wiring etc.  Starting with recording these photos of a painting from Victorian times.........they would make a great source of inspiration for painting the background scenery.